Islamic Studies for Kids

Islamic Studies for Kids:

Iqra Tajweed ul Quran Online Academy is offering to it current and old student and newcomers to learn Islamic studies online for kids. We have now designed a series of of Islamic studies course for kids to have this bless Islamic Knowledge online. Besides Tajweed and recitation we are now will be teaching these course according to school levels.

Learn Islamic studies online for kids is devised into nine (9) different courses. The list is as bellow:

  1. Islamic Knowledge Pri-School 1
  2. Islamic Knowledge Pri-School 2
  3. Islamic Knowledge Grade 1
  4. Islamic Knowledge Grade 2
  5. Islamic Knowledge Grade 3
  6. Islamic Knowledge Grade 4
  7. Islamic Knowledge Grade 5
  8. DUAS
  9. Islamic Knowledge Glorious Life

This course will be taught during the classes of Tajweed, Recitation or in the class of memorization as well. Students can learn these course as regular course as well. We hope by learn these course a kids would be able to know the the basics of his Deen and Islam. In-Shaa-Allah. We would request all the parents to explore the courses and give their valuable suggestions to improve more.

We are initiating this course because there is a dire need for it and we feel that Muslim Kids must know their Dean and be a very good and productive member of the society. The basic knowledge will enable them in future to explore more about the Islam and the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad and his companions. In-Shaa-Allah. We wish that all our student must be able to explain their religion and can defend the thoughts of Islam in general.

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