Tafseer Quran

The holy Quran is not only to read / recite but to understand it well and translate / embed into every aspect of our daily life. It means explanation of Quranic Suras in easy understandable language. Tafseer is one step ahead of translation of Quran. Tafseer provides in-depth understanding of Quran by explaining Quranic Ayas in the light of their context. In Tafseer, Quranic verses are being elaborated in a way that makes the concept and teachings of Islam more clear and concise. In Tafseer, the instructors not only explain the meaning of verses but also compare them with other verses of holy Quran to make them more clear and understandable.

This course is only meant for those who are already able to recite The Quran with tajweed as this is the first right of The Quran upon its reader, and thereafter, to be understood thoroughly. Learning some basic rules of Arabic grammar is a prerequisite of this course as this helps the students to understand the Arabic language which is the language of The Quran. E-Online Quran teachers, therefore, first teach Arabic grammar to the students of this course for approximately one to two months prior to beginning the Tafseer and Translation modules. For more information regarding this course kindly contact us by email or phone.

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